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Movie Monday: Spider-Man Homecoming Review (No Spoilers)

Let me start by saying I was very entertained by this movie. Going into it, I did not want to compare Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield’s or Tobey Maguire’s. I thought Tom played the role of the web slinger and Peter Parker very well. I felt he was a kid having fun and enjoying being this hero. All he was trying to do at the beginning was impress Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. so he can be an avenger. He was so thrilled to have his name mixed with the other heroes, which I loved because this separates Spider-Man/Peter Parker from the rest of the heroes. In a way, Peter Parker is the audience where we get excited seeing the Avengers in action so we can live through Peter’s excitement. Overall, I thought Tom Holland had an excellent portrayal of Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

30074(Image from:

Next, the villain played by Michael Keaton. If I’m being honest here, I felt Vulture’s actions are justified. Something happens to him at the beginning of the film that made me side with Keaton’s character. He spoke softly, but you didn’t know what to expect next, which made the villain even more exciting. It was unpredictable when he was either going to snap or just let something go. The performance from Keaton was outstanding.

spider-man-homecoming-michael-keaton-hi-res(Image from:

The supporting characters, like Peter’s friend Ned, Michelle (the girl who opposed Peter), Liz (the love interest), Robert Downey Jr, and Donald Glover all had screen time, but not to the point where it became too much. I felt the amount of time they had on screen, they all shined. I thought Iron Man was going to appear in the film a little too much, but I didn’t feel that way at all when I was watching this film. The one thing they did do was talk about the Avengers as much as they could, but this was the only negative thing I could think of.

Spider-Man-Homecoming-images-with-Jacob-Batalon-and-Tom-Holland(Image from:

Overall, I thought the action sequences were all great, visuals were absolutely great, the acting was great, so this makes a great movie. There are also two end credit scenes. One is in the first half, and the other is at the very end of the credits so definitely stay and watch those.

Grade: 4.5/5

What did you think of the film? Did you enjoy it, or are you excited about seeing the film if you haven’t seen it already? Let me know in the comments!




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