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SuperHOT Game Review

For the very first Video Game Friday, we’ll take a look at a game recently released to the PlayStation called “SuperHOT!”

maxresdefault(Image from:

The game has been out since February of this year, but it was released for PlayStation July 21st of this year. I had the opportunity to play the game over the last week and I was pleasantly surprised.

SuperHOT is a first person shooter and time only moves when you do. The faster you move, the faster time moves. I felt like Jason Bourne or Neo from the Matrix while playing. You can punch, throw objects, and shoot red figures whom shatter upon killing them. There is a story mode, which is unfortunately short, but I thought it was enjoyable. They also have challenge mode and endless mode upon completing the game.

The positives with this game is that I thought it was a unique idea compared to the other games currently released. Also, SuperHOT is cheap compared to other standard games so I felt like I got my money’s worth. I purchased the game on a promotion for $20 USD, but it’s available in the PS store for $24.99 for either VR or standard, or you can purchase both VR and standard in a bundle for $39.99. I can see an issue with the length of story mode, perhaps the lack of other modes and multiplayer, but I don’t feel like these three things bring down the game by any means.

SUPERHOT-VR-Screen-4.jpg(Image from:

It’s a fun game and it would be interesting to see if a second one is made to include multiplayer/co-op and more weapons. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to play the game in VR, but I’m sure it’s an even more enjoyable experience than playing with a handheld controller.

Final score: 7/10

Have you played the game yet? What do you think about the game? Do you want to see a sequel to this, or would you rather see this game put to rest? Let me know in the comments!

Watch the trailer below!



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