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Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall Review (Spoilers)

The most intense episode of the season and arguably the series aired last night for the Game of Thrones. This episode was the sixth of the seven episodes in season 7. Before I continue, I want to warn you spoilers are ahead so don’t read on if you haven’t seen the episode already.

I’ll start with the journey to find the white walkers. I loved the conversations between the men. There were a bunch of holes filled, such as Jon Snow talking with Jorah Mormont about Jon’s sword. There was a mix of humorous exchanges and dramatic exchanges. I enjoyed every minute these guys had air time. The small fight where they captured a white walker to the final battle showed how strong of a group they are. I imagine this will not be the last time this group teams up.

Sansa and Arya are at each other’s throats, almost literally, when Arya confronted Sansa about the letter she wrote. I figured this is what Littlefinger wanted. In order for him to take over Winterfell he needs to separate the Starks. What better way to do this than to have the sisters go against one another without getting Littlefinger’s hands dirty? Lord Baelish is a master manipulator and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. It’ll be interesting to see what Sansa does next. Will she take Arya’s side or Littlefinger’s?

sansa-arya-stark-1036472(Image from:

Now, on to the meat and potatoes of the episode. The showdown between Jon Snow and his group and the Night King and the undead army. The battle was extremely action packed. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. All Jon Snow and company were looking for was to bring back evidence of the undead, but instead they encountered the Night King’s army. The tension built up when the army was circling the living, but they were stopped by the ice beneath them breaking off. I loved this dynamic because we got to see the strategic side of the undead. There was one camera shot in this episode where it was night and the camera was on Jon Snow. You can see behind him a row of bright blue eyes. This added horror and even more suspense, which I absolutely loved.

got-night-king-door2(Image from:

 Unfortunately, there were some losses on the good side. The main loss was one of Daenerys’ dragons. I wasn’t sure who the Night King was going to aim for with his spear at first. I thought it would be Drogon, the dragon everyone was climbing on, but instead he took aim at Viserion. One spear is all it took to take down one of the three dragons. I think what added to the pain of the death was we literally saw the birth of the dragons all the way to the death of one of them. We saw Drogon take arrows and spears when he faced the Lannister army, but just one spear is all it took. It didn’t help seeing the how painful the death was, the other dragons roared, and the pain in the eyes of Daenerys and Jon Snow as they watched Viserion crash into the ice and slip into the water. Then to add more mixed emotions, the undead brought Viserion out of the water and the Night King brought him back to life. I have to think the dragon will breathe ice instead of fire, but this is not looking good for the living.

game-of-thrones-beyond-the-wall-jon-snow-viserion-night-king-javelin(Image from:

The good thing that came out of this episode was seeing Daenerys and Jon Snow coming together. She waited for him since she left him behind with the undead army after Snow told her to go. After being saved from his Uncle Benjen, who unfortunately was killed by the Night King’s army due to his efforts of saving his nephew, Jon Snow finally emerged from the forest and the look in Daenerys’ eyes showed her love and care for him. You see this especially when he wakes up on a boat and they hold hands for a brief period of time.

jon-snow-and-daenerys-targaryen-in-game-of-thrones-season-7(Image from:

Overall this episode had everything. From Jon Snow almost dying three times, to seeing the power of the Night King and his army, and what’s going on back in Winterfell. Also the fact that this episode had an airtime of 71 minutes was perfect. I thought they used the time extremely well and there was no filler at any point. You had humorous moments, sorrow, joy, and anger all mixed in one intense episode. The season finale is on the horizon and clocking in at 81 minutes this episode is bound to be a fantastic end to a phenomenal season of Game of Thrones.

Final score: 10/10

What did you think? Do you think anything was lacking from this episode? What surprised you, and what are you looking forward to in the season finale? Let me know in the comments!

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