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Madden 18 – Review

I’ll begin with the gameplay. The feeling of the game is solid. As the quarterback you have more options for throwing the ball, specifically where you want the ball to go with precision controls. You can target your receivers so the ball is out of reach from the defenders, but the catch is an easy one. Overall throwing the ball is about the same as Madden 17, but there are more options for where you want to target your receiver. Running is very different. Instead of the normal juke moves, there is a way to try and squeeze through the offensive and defensive lines, which reminds me of precision throwing. You have the ability to, in a way, perform precision running, but I got this feeling when running up the middle. The defense felt exactly the same as Madden 17.

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Next, graphics. The color looks a lot better to me. The shine from the helmets, the look of the players, coaches, and stadiums all look much better. I’m not sure if it’s a mix of shadows, color enhancement, or what, but it just looks like an actual game.

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Lastly, game modes. There’s only a few game modes available. “Franchise,” which is where you can pick your favorite team and either draft your own team or start with the current roster. You can play the role of a coach, player, or manager. There’s “play now” where you play a single game. Online “head-to-head” where you can play a friend or with a stranger and make a friend, or a foe. Finally there’s “Long Shot” where you play as a character named Devin Wade. He is a quarterback who is trying to get into the NFL. The story is interesting to me because I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a player and go through the draft process. You make decisions that can and will affect you as a prospect, and how other teams view you.

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Overall I like this game much better than its predecessor because of the enhanced lighting, game play, commentating, which improved especially in franchise mode, and the story of Long Shot. If you’re new to the Madden franchise, then they have options that can help you, such as where to run, who to throw to, and where to stand as a defender. If you’re an experienced player, then this game is also for you.

Final score: 8/10

Have you played it? What do you think of it? What was your very first Madden game you’ve ever played? Let me know in the comments!

Check out the trailer below!

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