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Cult of Chucky – Review (Non-Spoiler)

Chucky is back and is more gruesome than ever. This time he is going after Nica again, who is locked up in what looks like an insane asylum. I haven’t seen the last couple of Chucky movies, so I didn’t know if there would be a humor factor like the Bride of Chucky or if the franchise would go back to its roots from Child’s Play.

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I think what I saw was more of the Child’s Play side in the Cult of Chucky. The humor was there thanks to Chucky, but I didn’t feel as though any jokes were forced or corny. I felt out of place from time to time during the film since I personally haven’t seen the last two movies, but the Cult does a fair job in summarizing what happened. I think if you watch the newest installment of Chucky, then I would recommend at least seeing the previous film the Curse of Chucky because you would get some background knowledge.

Cult Of Chucky
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For those of you who are horror fans and looking for a scare, you may be disappointed to hear there’s not that many opportunities for a scare. There may have been a jump scare twice, but they were expected. You will get gore, slasher, and suspense in the sixth film of the franchise. There were two kills that stood out the most. One had me scratching my head because of the realism factor of the kill. The other one was extremely gory, so for you slasher fans you will certainly get your fix.

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Lighting and camera shots I thought were good overall. The previous kill I mentioned where I was scratching my head was beautifully shot and really stood out from the rest. The angle, slow-motion, and lightning all blended the scene extremely well together.

There are a couple of things I didn’t like. Clocking in at one hour and 30 minutes, I thought the film was short and could’ve told more. The way it ended seemed abrupt. Also, for a medium security at a mental institution there sure wasn’t that many people. I saw maybe one security guard, two, maybe three nurses, and a doctor. It sounds like a low security institution to me, but maybe that was just for one floor of the entire building?

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Overall I thought the Cult of Chucky was better than the previous films, but fell short of the Child’s Play trilogy. I enjoyed the more serious tone of this movie. There is a cliffhanger at the end so it looks like there will be a sequel, making it the seventh film of the franchise.

Final score: 5/10

Have you seen it? What did you think of the movie? What was your favorite Chucky movie so far? Let me know in the comments!

Check out the trailer for the Cult of Chucky below!

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